Hunting Information

Hunting Black Truffles

This website is about a female Vizsla called “Brandy” , a Hungarian hunting dog who will be not only a loyal companion and family dog, but also trained to search and find the Black Truffles located in Switzerland.

Brandy is our “new” family member, and through thick and thin, we will bring out the best in her and for sure she will bring out the best in us.

Tulipanko - Hungarian Vizsla

Our trials, training, tribulations and failures, frolics and fun… its all going to be written about here with complimenting photos of our Vizsla “Brandy”.

This is an introduction of what is to be a growing experience for both the author and our female  Vizsla puppy “Sóstói Vadász Borda Teca” also known as our “Brandy”.

October 7th, 2013 will be a day to look back on many years from now, as this website will bring you through birth to each and every stage of development of our Vizsla puppy.