Sourcing Your Dogs Raw Foods – How To Do It Locally

Sourcing Your Dogs Raw Foods – How To Do It Locally

Sourcing your raw foods can sometimes really be difficult due to location and sometimes lack of knowing where to look. It does involve doing some detective work and having a few tricks up your sleeve… Google search & maps will be your best friend sitting behind the keyboard, and below I will describe other ways on how to score the “good stuff”


If you have the room and space then a dedicated “Vizsla Freezsla” is recommended to allow for buying in bulk and saving money $ £ $ £. With the right sources, feeding raw can be cheaper than the top line commercial products. Buying in bulk also makes organising meals much more easier and saves an awful amount of time.


When searching Google and Google Maps, the following keywords are very important when searching for bulk and low cost meats and bones;

  • Butcher (Local butcher is a great source for off cuts, bones, and sometimes offal)
  • Slaughterhouse
  • Abattoir
  • Meat Processing
  • Meat Packers
  • Poultry Processing
  • Farm – Farmers
  • Meat Distributor
  • Meat purveyors
  • Wild Meats
  • Halal Slaughter (Great source for Lamb)
  • Hunting Club
  • 4 H club
  • Ethnic meat markets
  • Rabbit/goat/chicken/sheep/pig breeders
  • Organic farmers
  • Ranchers
  • Grass-fed meat products

Additionally to the above keywords you can also use these following keywords for retail shops and animal feed supply. * Note, Use Google maps as opposed to web search for nearby, local sources;

  • BARF products
  • raw food for dogs
  • natural animal feed or “organic”
  • carnivore feed supplier
  • freeze dried dog food

Once you have located local sources, go and visit them, explain what your after and if they cannot supply you, then ask if they know where else you can look. Tips;

  • Ask at your favorite resturants for off cuts and or where they buy wholesale
  • When visiting the butcher, “buy” something first and then ask what they have available…
  • At the farm you can ask for stillborn that have died from technical reasons during birth, pig farmers usually have newborns every two weeks.
  • Your local hunters and hunting clubs are a great source for RMB`s and offal
  • Check with local restaurants, stores, or butchers if they would order bulk for you at wholesale pricing.

If all of the above search results fail to turn up proper local food sources then you can start using web search results for buying online from the many raw food suppliers.