The Truffle Hunters

The Black Truffle Hunters

We are a team, the master and his dog who are actively seeking and searching out “Black Diamonds” within the local forests of Switzerland, France, Italy and Germany.

Truffle Hunter
Black Truffles are a subterranean fungi that flourish via a symbiotic relationship with the roots of certain trees, e.g., beech, hazel, oak, etc. They are not mushrooms which are a completely different fungi. They are also not to be confused with the chocolate confection that bears the same name.

Besides loving the taste and aroma of Black Truffles, we both use this activity of hunting black truffles for sport, exercise and getting outside in the nature.

About The Vizsla

Most dogs can be trained to search for truffles, but there are some dogs who have an extra keen sense of smell and this breed of dog is a Rövidszörü / Short hair Hungarian Magyar Vizsla.

The Vizsla is an all around hunting dog which is adaptable to all sorts of environments and has an extraordinary ability to search and find by scent. Besides being used traditionally for hunting, Vizslas are also active in Search & Rescue, Man-trailing, Narcotics Detection,  and finding the precious black truffles we crave for.