Raw Dog Diet – Frozen Organ Cake Recipe

Frozen Beef Organ Cake Recipe

Raw & Natural!

Brandy is growing now in leaps and bounds and has doubled her weight within a month, now at 9 kg and 3 months old Brandy is poised to be a beautiful and healthy Vizsla. Nutrition is important for a growing pup and going the extra length to ensure she is getting what she needs is important.

This post is all about making frozen BARF Beef Organ Cakes, pictures, video, blood and beef guts! Perfect way to your pups heart is through their stomach…

BARF Beef Organs Mix

Included in this BARF recipe is fresh beef organs straight from our local butcher; Heart,  Liver, Spleen, Pancreas, Lung and Kidneys.

BARF Burger Mix For Dogs

Each of the ingredients were cut into appropriate pieces that would fit into my Kenwood Meat Grinder called “Ilsa”.

Kenwood Meat Grinder "Ilsa"

Ilsa is a workhorse and will grind anything thats fed to her, highly recommended grinding machine for mincing BARF dog food.

BARF Pancreas Burger Mix

Beef Heart Barf

Spleen BARF Whole

BARF Beef Heart

Beef Organs Barf

Included in this homemade recipe was 1 kilo of the following beef organs;

Heart, Lung, Pancreas, Spleen, Kidneys and Liver.

Once the organs were prepared, they then went to meet “Ilsa” and get grounded to a nice yummy mixture!


Once the ingredients were well mixed they were then portioned out in a muffin pan and placed into the freezer for about 5 hours.

BARF Beef Organ Cakes

Once frozen the pan was run under hot water for easy removal!

Beef Organs BARF Burger Mix Frozen

As you see below our frozen BARF Organ snack even has some frosting on them 😉

Beef Organs BARF Burger Mix Frosted

These are bagged individually and fed as an afternoon snack or an addition to any RMB meal. Brandy loves them and I know exactly what she is ingesting, only the best!

Watch how Brandy enjoys her newly found frozen BARF snack