BARF Minced Mega Burger Recipe

BARF Mega Burger Recipe

This frozen mega burger will be an afternoon or evening snack for Brandy, depending on the days training.
Below is a BARF recipe for healthy, nutritious mega burgers for dogs using chicken backs, chicken hearts and fresh green tripe.

10 kg Chicken Backs Barf Recipe

Keep in mind that this is for a puppy age 3 months and will be used for the next three months. Once she reaches the age of 6 months we will discontinue using the Bovine Colostrum.


The amount of BARF minced mega burgers will be approximately 80+- pieces @ 200g each when all is minced, mixed, formed and packed, minus a taste test .

BARF Prepared Chicken Backs Recipe BARF Recipe Chicken

My BARF recipe for Minced Mega Burgers For Dogs;

10 kg Chicken Backs
1 kg Green Tripe
1 kg Chicken Hearts
40 Whole Eggs (Shells included)
30 tsp Salmon Oil
30 tsp Cod Liver Oil
40 capsules Bovine Colostrum @ 400mg
40 tsp Raw Honey


More photos are to follow, above is just planned preparation, reducing size of chicken backs to pass through meat grinder…