Breach Of Agreement – Update On Tuli – Vizsla Breeders

Breach of Agreement

Through previous posts you learned about our new Vizsla puppy that we had reserved through Èva from Betekints Kennel in Hungary and had an agreement for the price of 850 Euros. Betekints Kennel owner Èva & Michèle Marquet-Paulhan from Elvage de la Betoule were supposedly half owners of Tulipan, and Betekints Kennel were to get the 1st pick female puppy Betekints Kennel was to sell to us.

After many weeks of waiting for the birth, etc we just learned that Betekints Kennel broke the agreement with us, and told us that there was now only 1 owner, Michele from France. We contacted the Michele and asked if she will still honor the previous agreement we had all 3 agreed upon, we were then told the puppy now costs 1350 Euro, 500 Euro more than what was agreed upon.

We believe that greed was the cause of this and put blame also on Gottfried Rieder from Magyar Vizslazucht de lOrée du Bois de Noiron, a Swiss Vizsla breeder living in France. Through our bad experience with these Vizsla breeders, we have learned that not all Vizsla breeders are the same. We received a lot of support from many Vizsla owners and breeders and they were shocked as we were to hear this story. The good, the bad, the ugly… this was ugly and bad, and not serious at all, so choose wisely who you do business when buying a Vizsla puppy.

Moving on, we are now in contact with a new breeder who has very good references and the litter was born on the 19th of October.

Keeping you updated as we get more news and updates from the new Magyar Vizsla breeder in Hungary we chose…

Also, a new name is in order for our Vizsla pup…